17th January 2013

Hello Hello.

Much time has passed since my last mail. And I do hope you are all just fabulous and the new year has taken off with a fresh start!
The last you all heard from me was in Feb 2012, after my stint in the Telstra Rd To Discovery final. My big apologies for being so quiet over this last year!
I hit the pause button on all performing in March, while I dived into a world of wonder with the birth f my son Talo in May.
8 months on, my hair has grown longer and life is overflowing with a new depth of creativity and I’m ready to hit the stage again!

Where : The Basement

What : Opening for Casey Donavon on her Mamma Cass Tribute show.

When : Thursday 24th Jan - doors open 7.30pm.
Tix : $28 – see link below to purchase online.

Hope to see you there

Mardi x

15th February 2012

It’s half way through February already and I fear if I don’t give you my update on the whole Telstra Rd experience, soon it will be old news.
SO – I headed to the Tamworth festival for the final, (but know that - no boot-scooting was had by I, nor did I wear an akubra; just saying).
Did a little gig in the main street on the Telsta stage, and then got ready, set, go for the final, which was on Tuesday 24th Jan.
It was a huge affair with over 1000 peeps in the audience, and an absolutely fantastic band supporting us all. A few guest appearences, one of which was the one and only Kasey Chambers and it was a total buzz to play in such a great atmosphere!
Although the verdict is out and if you haven’t already seen my posts on facebook, I am sorry to say …….I am not a winner, but it was a really cool thing to be part of. The standard of all the finalists in this competition was really high, so I felt quite privileged to one of them.
I must apologize, as there was a documentary of the whole competition aired on one of the nine channels last week and I got the dates wrong! So afraid I didn’t let you know in time to see it…sorry!
Other than that, it’s still onwards and upwards, with my plans for the next lot of recording being revisited, as it has all been on hold due to this competition.
Gig next Friday night (24th Feb) at The Oxford Arts Factory. And for those of you who have been around long enough to remember my old drummer Neddy, well she is going to join us for this gig. So come say hi. I am opening for CarterRollins (check em out, they are really cool)

26th January 2011

A few pic's of of my performance at Telsta Rd.

January 2nd 2012


16th Dec 2011


6th December

Hi Everyone,
A quick update on my status in The Telstra Road To Discovery!
After a 2 day Boot-camp, (with some very impressive industry figures speaking) and the semi – final heat performed in on Saturday, I am happy to say, I am through to the final. Yay!
It is in Tamworth at the festival in January, and I might say I have some pretty fierce competition! But a great bunch of people, so it should be fun!
I am playing tomorrow night – Tuesday 6th, at Café Lounge, (277 Goulburn St, Surry Hills) on stage from 7.30-8.30pm - last gig before Xmas, so come and have a few drinks with us!
Also, a HUGE thankyou to everyone, who has supported my music or bought my EP this year, wouldn’t still be here doing this without you, so thankyou!
Hope to see you tomorrow night
Mardi x

On stage at Telstra semi final


9th Novemeber

34 Degrees South tonight people. Performing with the gorgeous Ollie Brown. C U there. x

28th October

Last night I took a little trip out to the Blues and Roots festival in Windsor to compete in the Sydney heat of The Telstra Road To Discovery.
And guess what...I WON!!
Yippee do dah day!
More on the next round soon. x

Me on Stage in Windsor


23rd Sept

Literally just back from Byron Bay (frown) after a very cool little gig at the lovely ‘Tree House’.
Seems the road has been my companion a bit this last month, as I found myself opening the show on a few dates for Damien Leath on his Roy Orbison tour…was lots of fun, and lots of kilometres, but well worth it!
Home today, gig tomorrow. Gotta love that!
Tune into QBN FM 96.7 on Monday morning (26th Sept) between 9am and Midday to hear an interview with your truly! x

23rd August

Check it out....
This Sunday 28th, I’m playing at the Eco Festival in Annandale.
Come along and get the low down on back yard composting, sustainability at home, reverse garbage and I think there is even a recycled clothing fashion parade. As well as some MUSIC of course!

18th July

On these chilly mornings, the markets have been my main music stomping ground this winter. Seems I have prefered to be out in the crisp morning air than out late at night playing shows. So I have found myself playing heaps of liitle markets around Sydney. It's a lot of fun, a real lil community, and I get to stock up on all sorts of organic goodies. I even did a little interview / commercial for one of the growers one morning, talking up the good things about baby Kale, (not what one expects to find themselves doing when they arrive to do a gig).
Here's a snap of Matt Ritchie and I that a lovely lad posted on my facebook page (which by the way - if you aren't already on, go ahead and add yourself)
I have a few more dates posted on my calender to see the winter out. Come say hi!  x

3rd June

I am doing an show tomorrow night opening for Renee Geyer, at The Vault in Windsor.
I am really looking forward to it, a voice I can't wait to see live and and an artist whose career has spaned forever in my mind. I am going to ingest as much of her and her depth of experience on stage as I can. Come if ya out that way. x

17th May

I have posted a couple of snaps from the single launch.
If you missed it, it was a great night!
Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who bought my EP. I think we pretty much SOLD OUT and had standing room only. Hello Vera and Cailtin Harnett were my highlights for the night! 
Feel like a big Ahhhhhh has escaped my lips today, after this launch. This world I live in seems to swell and deflate like a huge water tank made out of soft plastic, and sometimes it all moves up and down and in and out so rapidly I loose my breath, my brain and all sense of ground, but today is a good day, earth firmly at my feet, and ready to keep truckin on in today and for tomorrow.
Thankyou again to everyone that made the night the success it was..! x 

27th May 2011

Tattooed seems to be getting a bit of steam behind it, with a few really great radio adds around the country. Keep up Triple J requests...


As for the next lil while I am in the studio over the next few weeks to play around and see where the next stage takes me.

Still doing loads of lil gigs around Sydney, dates as always are on calender, come say hi.

Mardi x

12th April

One Month til my Single launch. Tix on sale at my store.  x

Single launch


20th March

I did a really special little gig last night.
I was the suprise for an - apparently huge fan of mines birthday party.
It was an intimate little gathering, just me and Matt Ritchie on guitar and a lounge room full of people.
Was nice to play like this, with no bright lights, no bar close by, and without any amplification. Takes it to the core of what singing and songwriting is really about for me.
I feel very lucky to have been able to share this with this little crew of people. Thank you...you know who you are. x

11th Feb 2011


Between the heat wave, the floods and the cyclones, my ‘lil’ pocket of news seems quite insignificant really!

‘Lil’ pocket as it is, ever grateful for your support and your continued interest in what is going on! Thanks for all the emails of late!
So what to tell….
I am in the finals for the Apra Professional Development Awards. Yay! I share this spot with a load of other dam good songwriters, so the chance of gaining further statice than finalist is pretty slim but fingers crossed anyway!
I have set a date - Thursday May 12th @ The Raval for the launch of the second single off my EP - ‘Tattooed’. Put this date in your diary. I want you all to be there.
I am starting to do a few alternate little gigs from March. So you will find me at some Organic Markets in March picking my way through a few tunes.
And I have finally uploaded the two singles off the EP on Triple J Unearthed. And I need your help peeps - If you have a spare min, jump on the link below and rate my songs. You can even leave a review. If you aren’t already registered on the site, hit the ‘rate’ button next to the song and a page will come up with info on what you need do to register. Your vote counts and it may get me some more airplay. So GO on do it!


Mardi x

21st Jan 2011

Hiya n “Happy new year”,

Hope you are all fantastic, had a nice break and have stayed committed to any new years resolutions.
On the music front I have been very quiet for most of Jan and decided to let my little guitar and have a well deserved rest for 3 weeks and attended to other matters of great importance such sleeping in, giving my herb garden some much needed TLC, spending some one on one time with my cat La Loot,  and embarking on a very healthy living plan for 2011!
As well as contemplating some new song ideas, which I am exploding to bring to form. 
So hello to 2011 and lets get started.

I am playing at The Vanguard on Friday 4th Feb supporting Jez Mead. Tickets are $10 Pre-sale, $39 for dinner and show, or $14 @ the door.
For tix, jump on the below link and scroll down and hit Jez Mead on Feb 4th.
Love to see u. http://www.thevanguard.com.au/

The second single Tattooed is set to hit some radio late Feb. So fingers crossed it is well received. If you haven't yet got my EP jump on my store and download it. Go on...Do it!

For all who came to the fundraiser we did way back in November 2009 for Cambodian Childrens trust, you may be interested to know that Tara Winkler the founder has been named 2011 NSW Young Australian of the Year. Yay for Tara. She is one in a million!
Check out all her latest.  http://www.cambodianchildrenstrust.org/ 

Nuff said, c u @ the Vanguard,
Mardi xx

PS Thankyou to everyone who requested Tattooed on Triple J. Keep it up!!



6th Dec 2010


Hope you are all well and getting ready to kiss goodbye to 2010. I can't quite believe it is December already.

I am excited to tell you that Triple J has given my song Tattooed a spin. Jump onto the Roots'n All programs guestbook and request more Mardi Pannan.

Gigs for this month -

Friday 10th Dec - @ Manly Fishos - 8pm
Sunday 12th Dec - The Brass Monkey Supporting Watussi - 8pm
Wed 22nd Dec - The Gaelic Club - 8pm

Hope to see you at one of these shows.
Other than that I send out lots of well wishes and hope you have a very merry Xmas. Thanks again for all your support this year.

Mardi xx

PS. all you Northern beaches people, keep your eye out for a story on me in the Manly Daily this week.

In Melbourne with the Botanics


17th Nov 2010

Half way through November already…can you believe it?
Want to shout out a big thankyou to everyone who has supported my music this year, for coming to gigs and a big thankyou to all who came and bought tickets to my EP launch at The Basement last month. It ain’t any party without people, so thankyou!
I am excited to tell you that my EP is now available for purchase on this site. So if you haven’t already got one jump on and buy it.
Reviews are starting to roll in now, and so far so good.
Check this one out.


My first single Om has been played on several community radio stations, FBI, ABC Tropical North, ABC South West Victoria, PBS, RRR, SYN and the video has also been given a spin on rage. So fingers crossed more stations will keep picking it up.
I am in Melbourne this weekend on tour with a Sydney band The Botanics, and then back in Sydney doing a support for Watussi in December at the Brass Monkey. Check my gig dates page for more info.
Mardi x

10th Oct 2010

I hope life is shimmering for everyone. I am full of excitement as my EP launch gets closer. If you haven't already bought tix for it on the 30th @ The Basement jump on the link below to purchase. Four great acts are on the bill (The Botanics, Tuka and Costa Rae) so we expect the night to be a big one. Plus I will be giving away several copies of my EP to the lucky few up the front. So don't miss out!


As well as it being my EP launch it is the kick off for The Botanics Influence tour which they have invited me to go on with them. I will be opening shows for them in Sydney and Melbourne. Am also doing a support for Claude Hay's Album Launch in November (3rd at The Sandringham Htl)

I just had a glimpse tonight of the final edit for the video I did earlier this year for my song Tattooed. WOW it was a huge amount of work, certainly a taste of how an independent artist has to wear many hats. I am now not only singer songwriter, but art director/costume designer/prop builder and painter extraordinaire! I had such an amazing team working with me. Matt Ritchie is worth gold! As is Lucy Markovich and Brycen Horne. Thankyou! I have just uploaded the video to my site, so check it out, jump on the menu bar and hit Video!

Nuff said. See you at The Basement.

Mardi x

21st Sept 2010


Letting you know that my EP will be available to buy from Itunes and from my website in October and that I now have copies for sale at gigs. Yay!
Go to the menu bar and hit store to get a free download of Om, which is the first single to be lifted from the EP.
Other than that I have just come back from supporting the Whitlams, with my lovely band, which was VERY VERY nice. Here is a song from our set, check it out ...
Hope life is bubbly!

Mardi xx

6th August 2010

Hiya peeps
I have just uploaded a little thing I have been working on...my new video for Om. Check it out. Who can ever say Sydney dosen't have the best of nature and urban living, as this video was shot right in the cente of the big smoke!
I am live at the Vanguard on Sat the 28th of this month opening for Israel Cannon's album launch. Check him out. www.myspace.com/israelcannan. I can't wait!
Closer and closer comes the date when I will have my own launch to play at, but til then you will just have to enjoy Om with it's new imagery.
Nuff said.
Mardi xx
PS hope you like the facelift my site has undergone!

24th July 2010

Thanks to all who came to The Vanguard Wednesday night, was a great gig and always great to see you. Everyone keeps asking me when the EP will be out and where you can buy my music...So FYI it should be out really soon, we are hoping for early September,  you will be able to buy it on itunes. I will post all links on my site, and send out a mail to let you all know when it is available.
As promised I have uploaded a few pic's (below), from the music video we just shot for Tattooed.  Fingers crossed you will see it on your TV soon. Thanks so much to Lucy Markovich who is the best director ever, and Byrcen Horne for all you amazing camera work, to Loz, Dan and Matt, love it when you and your instruments are beside me!
Next gig is at The Vanguard on Sat 28th August. I am opening the show for Israel Cannon's Album Launch..you must come! And then September at The Shoal Haven Entertainent Centre ..I will be opening for The Whitlams.  Very excited.  Talk soon and be well.
Mardi xx

7th June 2010

Hi Ya people,

Thanks to everyone who came to the Bar Me gig. Agreed by all that it was a great night. We went the extra mile by doing that special stage set. So thanks for being there to share that with us!
This weekend we are shooting the video for Tattooed. Can't wait. I will post some footage as soon as I have some.
Playing this Sat night, 12th at The Gaelic Club, so come on down!

Mardi xx

1st May 2010

Hope you are well. I am, but run off my feet. For a girl who has just started playing live again, I have gig's coming out my ears this month. I am over the moon though. I had a ball at Felicity's gig last month. I just got back from playing at The Brass Monkey with Mad Polly and Ashleigh Mannix. What a great night.
I am heading out of town to open for Catherine Britt on the 14th and 15th of the month. And then playimg with one of my fave sibling bands Chasing Bailey on the 20th. Then my own headline show at El Rocco's on the 21st. So stay tuned for your email updates. And jump on the subscribe link at the top if you aren't already on my mailing list. xx

2nd April 2010


Hope you are all making good use of my site. And thanks to all who have offered great feedback. I am so happy to playing live again, it has been quiet this last year as I have been focused on recording.  I will be supporting Felicity Urquhart at The Vanguard this month. So a band has been forming and we have been rehearsing like mad. Will keep you posted. xx

10th March 2010 - Music Oz Awards

Just found out I am one of the top five finalists in The Music Oz  Awards! Yay!
The songs I entered were Beautiful Day and  Tattooed, great to have such a good repsponse pre-release!

1st Febuary 2010 -I am online

So welcome to my official site, it has been a long time coming, stop by anytime and see what is taking place in my world of songs, strings and simple things.
January was busy as I went to do a few gigs at the festival in Tamworth on the Gibson stage ( thanks to all you boys at Gibson) I opened the show for Ross Wilson, so that was a bit of a buzz, with his A team band!
But mainly the month has been consumed with fine tuning and tweaking the last of the songs for my EP coming out later this year. I am keen to hear where it's all at for you, drop me a line on my guestbook, just jump on the subscribe tab in the menu at top of the page.  Mardi xx